Success & the Universe

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“The purpose of life is a life with purpose,” Robert Bryn. This book covers broad perspectives on science and religion to assist in expanding your own beliefs and purpose in life.

502, 2016

The Nature of Everything-Change

Birth, maturity, decline and death, this is the destiny of the universe itself and by extension the destiny of everything in it, including us.  Trying to prevent this change from occurring causes much of the suffering in the [...]

2707, 2016


“If we find ourselves, in contemplating it, unable to banish the impression that it (the Kosmos) is a realm of final purposes, that it exists for the sake of something, we place intelligence at the [...]

1809, 2016

The Nature of Everything–Energy

This one's more sciencey, but you'll be able to follow it. Albert Einstein theorized that matter and energy are variations of the same thing.  It is increasingly evident that energy is the building block of the universe, and matter is only a small variation of [...]



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