Success in the Eyes of a Child

/Success in the Eyes of a Child


This book is lessons about life from stories about my life.  The style is more literary, with early chapters narrated in a child’s voice. I’m not sure where it will go, but I hope it will be an entertaining perspective.

2901, 2016

The Little Bridge (and Slop Jars)

I remember the little rent house we lived in when I was too little to go to school. Not the inside too much.  But I remember the yard and stuff around the outside. I like telling people I grew up halfway between Pigeon [...]

2901, 2016

The Road

If you went past the little bridge, the chunk rock road went through the woods and to Mr. Tom and Mrs. Flossie’s house. They were the ones that owned the little rent house.  But the woods were dark [...]

2901, 2016

Surveying a New World

My last memory about the little rent house was when the men came. They were in an orange truck and carried tools.  But the only thing they did was look through something on top of 3 tall legs. The men talked to me and my little brother [...]



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