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Nothing limits the success of organizations more frequently than dysfunction in how the members view their team.  From the C-suite (including parents) down, units and individual members often work against each other because they view each other as having opposing purposes. Seeing each other as having the same ultimate purpose is a critical element of [...]

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The Nature of Everything–Energy

This one's more sciencey, but you'll be able to follow it. Albert Einstein theorized that matter and energy are variations of the same thing.  It is increasingly evident that energy is the building block of the universe, and matter is only a small variation of energy.  This insight has the potential to transform our understanding of everything.  But not until we get past our common [...]

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“If we find ourselves, in contemplating it, unable to banish the impression that it (the Kosmos) is a realm of final purposes, that it exists for the sake of something, we place intelligence at the heart of it and have a religion.”  William James (whom Wikipedia describes as “one of the leading thinkers of the late nineteenth [...]

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Bullying and Organizations

Lots of attention is appropriately focused today on reducing bullying among children. But the greatest obstacle to reducing bullying among children is the many examples children see of how openly our society rewards adult bullies. What is bullying? We now recognize bullying is not only physical intimidation. Bullying is demeaning, belittling, or otherwise mentally or physically abusing someone to improve your own position, particularly when it includes enlisting others [...]

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Only one characteristic defines a leader.  Only one. Academics often list characteristics of what they consider a good leader. I may agree with their opinions about good leaders, but limiting the definition of leader to what I consider a good leader instills subjectivity before we have objectively determined what constitutes being a leader. Masses of people sometimes follow what most of us would consider bad, even terrible, leaders.  And [...]

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The Nature of Everything-Change

Birth, maturity, decline and death, this is the destiny of the universe itself and by extension the destiny of everything in it, including us.  Trying to prevent this change from occurring causes much of the suffering in the world. Not long ago almost all scientists believed the universe was in equilibrium.  Practically everyone believed the universe had been essentially the same since its beginning and would continue [...]

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Surveying a New World

My last memory about the little rent house was when the men came. They were in an orange truck and carried tools.  But the only thing they did was look through something on top of 3 tall legs. The men talked to me and my little brother and gave us water in paper cups that were shaped like cones. I felt real big talking and drinking water with the men. [...]

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The Road

If you went past the little bridge, the chunk rock road went through the woods and to Mr. Tom and Mrs. Flossie’s house. They were the ones that owned the little rent house.  But the woods were dark and scary.  And I would never go past the little bridge by myself. But the road was downhill and sunny the other [...]

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The Little Bridge (and Slop Jars)

I remember the little rent house we lived in when I was too little to go to school. Not the inside too much.  But I remember the yard and stuff around the outside. I like telling people I grew up halfway between Pigeon Roost and Possum Holler. My wife hates when I tell people that and says it’s embarrassing.  The little rent house [...]

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Ego and Faux Confidence

Fight or flight is the classic way to categorize responses to insecurities. Sometimes fight is the wise response, or sometimes flight.  However, the most common ways people respond to their insecurities are neither fight nor flight. The most common ways, and sometimes wisest, are hide. There are many ways to hide. You can hide like a [...]

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