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Ego and Faux Confidence

Fight or flight is the classic way to categorize responses to insecurities. Sometimes fight is the wise response, or sometimes flight.  However, the most common ways people respond to their insecurities are neither fight nor flight. The most common ways, and sometimes wisest, are hide. There are many ways to hide. You can hide like a [...]

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Confidence and Being Real

  If you base your life on too many illusions, success at life will only be an illusion.  (Thankfully, we can have a few small illusions.) An important prerequisite to succeeding at life is basing your life on reality.  Rationalizing will be the focus of another chapter, and it is a valuable tool when controlled and used wisely (choosing whether to see the glass as half full [...]

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Insecurity and those d___ Monkeys

When we were babies we could cry at any moment we felt hungry and did not have food.  It was acceptable to soil our diapers any time we felt the urge. We still have those same urges and needs.  Those things are still necessary to survive.  But we learn very early in life to control our reactions and not immediately respond to those urges the moment we feel them.  There [...]

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