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Organizations are created for the benefit of people, not people for the benefit of organizations. From families to governments, organizations are only extensions of us and have the same innate human traits.   

1202, 2016


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Only one characteristic defines a leader.  Only one. Academics often list characteristics of what they consider a good leader. I may agree with their opinions about good leaders, but limiting the definition of leader to what I consider a good leader instills subjectivity before we [...]

2402, 2016

Bullying and Organizations

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Lots of attention is appropriately focused today on reducing bullying among children. But the greatest obstacle to reducing bullying among children is the many examples children see of how openly our society rewards adult bullies. What is bullying? We now recognize bullying is not only physical [...]

2909, 2016


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Nothing limits the success of organizations more frequently than dysfunction in how the members view their team.  From the C-suite (including parents) down, units and individual members often work against each other because they view [...]



Bullying and Organizations